Let Them Greet Punk

by Real Marriage

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released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Real Marriage Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Nice Guys
my body is a costume // your life is a disguise // all male kindness is predatory
Track Name: All Bros
when i was 13, the man in your life told me how he want to fuck you. then he told me his strategy. i wanted to kill him.
climbed over the washroom stall to make sure i had a cock. nice joke asshole. i'm going to kill you.
Track Name: Hipster Men
you look like my dad // dads are fucking shit // nice work you're just like your dad // you look like your dad // i bet your daddies fucking proud of your stupid fucking beard, your hundred dollar flannel shirt, and the shit you pulled to get a condo in the village
Track Name: Queer University Boys
glance up from my shoes to your smug fucking face // smile of an owner, eyes scrolling up and down my body // shiver in fear to disappoint you // shame that my heart isn’t racing // but i just want to look pretty // i'm not trying to tease you //your politicizing of desire for me is so controlling that i am not allowed to have desires of my own or even exist in peace
Track Name: God is a Man
we only bond over pain // the pulp empathy we share is like sugar-wheat picked up from the ‘reduced for quick sale’ rack // our conversations about pain are like a shameful addiction that we will laugh about, mocking ourselves, ‘no big deal’ // i'm not freaking out - i just don't want to bother anymore // i have dreams that need no gratification, no faith that my hopes will see some material manifestation like a god-child descending through the atmosphere // if god and the universe wanted me to live my life seeking eternity then in snubbing it, i subvert my aggressors.
Track Name: Overconfident Misassigned Shitty Boys
don't ever tell me you are jealous of the qualities i would die a billion times to do away with // why do we keep trying to make this work? // are we lonely and afraid and desperate? // something i need to decipher or hope i wrote it down // i wish i was a needless poly hero.